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We’re finally back in Brookings after having to stay in the desert a couple of extra weeks because my car was stolen. Not only that … I had packed the back of my car with four or five large file boxes that I felt I needed to go through before moving forward on my writing.

Needless to say, losing those files was very upsetting, but being someone who believes that there’s always a positive aspect of any situation, I can also see it as a chance to move forward and to focus on the things I haven’t lost.

So, I’ve decided to go back to the beginning – back to before we moved to Brookings when the ideas for Leadership 2020 were first showing up. As I read things that I’ve written along the way, I can see that I’ve been on this same path for a very long time.  I’ve started a category called “PORTFOLIO” and will use it to archive the things I want to keep.


In 2001 I wrote an Introduction for my first website. http://www.leadership2020.org

That was long before the internet became “user-friendly” and I never learned how to update that site myself.  The bad news is that it can’t be changed … but the good news is that there’s very little about it I would change if I could!  Even though I wrote this introduction 15 years ago, I’ve only come to believe it more than I did then.

LEADERSHIP 2020 Homepage


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  1. Glad you still have this! Good summary…You know. ..I may have some outlines from taking your classes…so as I come across them I will pass them on to you!
    See you soon! 🙂

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