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Sheltering in Place

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I’m meandering through my computer these days because there’s not a lot else to do! I’ve actually wished for this kind of time for at least 20 years … but now that it’s been given to me it’s a bit unnerving.  (Be careful what you wish for?) What I have said I’d do when I… Continue reading

Beyond the End: Touring Facebook

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They say that every ending is a new beginning.  I’m not sure if “they” really say that … but it’s a thought that has occurred to me a great many times over the years.   The first time was in 1986 when my kids and I were on our way to a family reunion in… Continue reading

A Vision Dimmed

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As I write, I am listening to a teacher’s voice, on-line, conducting a live lesson intended to prepare a group of homeschooled fourth graders for their state testing.  These children have been pulled out of the public school system for many reasons.  Some are the children of free-spirited parents who are raising their children on… Continue reading