I’m going to use this page to archive articles that I want to be able to access easily.  Some will be things I’ve written and others have been written and published by people I know and respect.


NOV. 2015:

Bernie Lindley, my friend and the Vicar of St. Timothy’s Episcopal Church in Brookings, Oregon wrote this article for the Faith Forum in our local newspaper.  It was published on Sat. Nov. 21, 2015 when some of the first refugees arrived from Syria.

CLICK HERE:  PILOT Bernie Lindley 11-21-15


NOV. 2009:

I  submitted this article to Educational Leadership for their April 2010 issue that was to be called “Reconfiguring ‘School’.”

CLICK HERE:  Transforming ‘School’ from the Inside Out


JAN. 2007

Dr. William G. Spady   Published in Education Week in January  2007

CLICK HERE:  The Paradigm Trap


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