Focus on the Children – December 1998

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Jesus says nothing about focusing on the family.  In fact, he said quite the opposite.  A quick Google search for the question “What did Jesus say about family?” led me to pages and pages of sites that try to dispel the literal interpretation of Luke 14:22-27 where He says we must “hate” our family to be His disciple. Mostly they explain His words away by saying they must be taken within the context of the time and place.

I most definitely agree with that.  I don’t think Jesus ever meant us to hate anyone – particularly not our family. But I also believe that He never meant for that to be our focus.  He did, however, talk a lot about children … and it could certainly be argued that our focus should be on them.


When I hear people talking about the abuses they suffered in their homes as children, I become very angry. Sometimes I feel like I should step in when I hear how someone is talking to her own child in a supermarket.  It’s even hard for me to go into elementary classrooms these days and watch the faces of many of the children who are absolutely overwhelmed by the amount of information they are supposed to process and to regurgitate by filling in little bubbles in test booklets.


I think that these “random thoughts” bubbled up today because I’ve been thinking about my own childhood and how it has influenced me as a parent and as a teacher.  As I thought about what I wanted to write, I realized that I already wrote it in 1998:

Are You Listening


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  1. I loved all the quotes regarding children. The article starts with such a slam dunk in terms of great minds giving recognition to clearing and cleaning out the brain and to see and think more clearly, like children.

    Touching and well spoken. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I haven’t read “Are You Listening” for a long time. I thought of it when I heard someone using a Bible verse totally out of context to “prove” a very un-Christ-like position. When I read it I decided to change the first line and take Bill Cosby’s name out of it. Sad. Other than that it’s still timely.

    Don’t know what I’m going to do with it. Any suggestions?

  3. Yes…it is terrible about Bill Cosby. But I like your article. Interesting that all their comments fell under the 4 topics. Time ahhh…worth it’s weight in gold. And listening…or the lack of listening to others, is why we fight. Time for listening must be our priority. Like making time to meditate, if we can just stop and listen it would help heal the world. First stop and center and listen to the world , for our own peace, and then listen to forge and maintain. ..take care of, our relationships. …So what are you going to do with this article/ essay? 🙂

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