On Turning Seventy …

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Today is one of those milestone birthdays and I want to write something profound in order to commemorate the day. The problem is … like every other day … my mind is so full of ideas that I would like to write about … that I’m once again in danger of starting something that I never finish.

What makes this particular morning a little different, however, is that if I don’t post something TODAY – the moment will pass. Once a date appears on a post I don’t think there’s a way to change it.  There will never again be an April 17, 2016.  I will never again begin my 7th decade on this planet, so I have to hit the “Publish” button right now or I won’t get another chance.

So, with that …. I’ll just say “Happy Birthday to Me” and leave it at that.  This time I’m not going to make any promises about coming back later today to finish this … but I am going to try …..   🙂 !!


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    • Just now seeing this … March 14, 2022! Now that I”m turning 76 I probably should get back to this :-)!

  1. Happy Birthday, dear friend. Lovely sentiments… directing the moment of grace towards yourself, extending and directing the loving kindness towards yourself, maybe even until it becomes a habit. NIce!!

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