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I’ve been back in Brookings for a week and finally feel settled enough to get back to these blogs.  As I was moving books from one shelf to another and filling a couple of boxes to donate to the library, a book that I’ve had for many years caught my eye.

It’s called A Simpler Way by Margaret Wheatley and Myron Kellner-Rogers.  The basic premise of the book is that this thing we call “LIFE” is simply an on-going process of organization and re-organization – from order- to chaos- to order again.  The book starts with a beautiful photo essay showing the surface of water as it is disturbed and settles back, of birds in flight, of clouds, and of sunsets, of fish swimming in schools, of people dancing, and of children in play.


As I’m reading the book I’ve realized that’s what I’ve been doing with Edublogs since I started playing with it in 2009. My first blog was an experiment and I just called it “” As a volunteer at Pacific Bridges Alternative School I was reading Call of the Wild with a small group of students. When I left for the winter we used Edublogs to create a “virtual literature circle.”  The results of that experiment were spotty, but since then I’ve learned a lot and have taken advantage of a bulk upgrade. I continue to organize and reorganize five blogs as I become more focused on what I want them to become.

I’ve changed the title of several times and am now using it for Learning to Write / Writing to Learn.   I’m so glad I copied the original text of our “virtual” literature circle into a Word document because now I’m also ready to revise it for Chapter 6 of L2W/W2L.


Call of the Wild – KEYS to Literature




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