Leadership 2020 (revised)

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In1997 when I began thinking about how we were educating leaders for our future, I was hopeful, even expectant, that the advances being made in neuroscience and emotional intelligence would transform the system by the year 2020.  We’re now almost there, and I’ve had to realize that when the focus changed from educating the Whole Child to raising test scores, we were no longer headed in the right direction.

Last night I heard the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida singing a song that they wrote, arranged, and memorized to present to an audience of thousands, if not millions, in one week.


How long does transformation take?  In 2001 I believed that it could happen in 20 years.  Last night I realized that when we follow the children, it can take just  moments ….


My first website is frozen in 2004 because I never learned how to update it myself:  Leadership 2020: Specializing in Creating Learning Environments for our Future Leaders

Technology, however, has now advanced to the point that I will never have to learn the complicated program that a Webmaster used to create it!  In my post on Dec. 3, 2016 I wrote that the only thing I would change would be the date on the question “Have you ever wondered who our leaders will be in the year 2020?”  I would have changed it to “2040” because I thought that we’d need another 20 years to make that change.  Last night I realized that our children are going to force us to do that a lot faster ….





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  1. What a Bright Spot to wake up to! I cheered the comments these students made when I heard them talking about the shooting on KURY . I am so proud of them for turning their pain into action. It should make us happy that change is coming from their generation. It’s because we have done something right in teaching them the tools have the courage to speak out! The audacity of hope! I love that Obama phrase! 🙂

    • Thank you so much for your comments, Nancy … and Bill, I once heard you call FEEDBACK the “Breakfast of Champions” … and it is most definitely that for me. (She says at 7:23 AM just realizing how hungry she is 😉 !)

      I posted “Leadership 2020(revised)” on “Growing Leaders” this morning even before reading your comment, Nancy. This really helps me stay on track. YES …. HOPE is AUDACIOUS!

  2. I agree wholeheartedly. Most of us older folks are incapable of making the changes the young people can make, and I’m praying for them to succeed in shifting old paradigms and exercising more compassion and awareness than most adults can muster.

    • Hey Bill … it’s “only” been 5 months but I’m finally getting back to this blog again … and hopefully will stick with it this time! Don’t know if you have subscribed … but it’s easy … and FREE 🙂

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