Resolutions in Retrospect – Dec. 30, 1998

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I just now read through “Resolutions in Retrospect” for the first time in many years.  I’ve skimmed through it as I’ve been going through my old writing … but haven’t really thought about what I discovered that New Year’s Eve in 1998.

That was over 17 years ago!  I’ve taken time between Thanksgiving and Christmas every year since then to reflect over the past year.  Instead of a Christmas letter, I’ve put together illustrated New Year’s letters that have reminded me to hold on to some things as I’ve let go of others.

I skipped that process this year . . .  but I just now realized that these blogs are taking that process to another level.  Much to my surprise, I just realized that my Resolution in Retrospect this year, will probably be the same as it was 20 years ago, on New Year’s Eve in 1996:


“In retrospect, I see that my New Year’s resolution, though not voiced on New Year’s Eve 1996, was to Simplify.   I began a process of cleaning files and closets, letting go of possessions and “shoulds,” and trying to focus on one thing at a time.”  


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  1. Thank you, Bette. I see so much truth in this writing. Slow down, slow down, slow down. I can sense more, deep changes emerging within and continue to get up and only do what I am able. Taking up mindfulness and allowing myself to sit has had a tremendous affect on my life, as well as the term “says who?” Who has to do the work? Why do I have to do the work? Is it really something I wish to take on? Am I able to continue at the pace I am going and feel the deep connection I enjoy with myself?
    So many questions. Good to know I’m normal!

    • Johanna … This really takes me back to one of the CWG/HL Principles … “There’s Nothing You Have to Do.” Every time I remember this I seem to get more done … LOL! Go figure! Also reminds me of a quote I just hear from someone: “Don’t just do something … Sit there.” 🙂

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