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Just after we left Brookings this year, Bruce Ellis posted a request on Facebook for articles he could publish in The South Coast Insider. Bruce started this paper as the Brookings Insider and it was intended to spotlight our wonderful community. His stated mission is:  “Keepin’ it Real and Spreadin’ the Love.”

I remembered Bruce’s request on Wednesday when we met John and Kathy Huggins at the RV show here in Quartzsite, Arizona.   The show is truly amazing. You can buy almost anything even remotely related to motor home living in the Big Tent …  and snowbirds flock from all points north to connect with like-minded adventurers.   John and Kathy create a podcast every week called “Living the RV Dream” and they came to Quartzsite for the day to meet some of their listeners.   I wasn’t surprised that they knew about Brookings, so I sent this piece to Bruce for the Insider.

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  1. We’ve had an RV since just after we got married – 1994 I think.

    Yesterday was wonderful! Thanks for coming with me to meet Sarah and her kids. It was so gratifying to hear someone validate the vision that we had for Upper Chetco! I always said that they couldn’t fire me as a “Vision Holder” LOL!!! It might not have manifested here … but when I was talking to those two kids I realized it’s worth holding on!

  2. Bette! I don’t think I ever read this! And, I never knew the story of how you found Brookings! So you had an RV before? Nice work… good flow and I like how you connected people knowing Brookings with your finding Brookings.

    Thanks for giving me the idea to work on my creative space today. Now I will have a great place to take a break when I am overwhelmed going through all the other stuff! 🙂

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