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I’m starting this blog this morning for two reasons.


First, 2008 was a year of a great many changes for Richard (aka “Dick” or “Rich”) and I. After 10 years of pseudo-retirement, we have finally arranged our lives so that we can spend more time traveling.Last January we saw the movie “The Bucket List” while we were vacationing in Arizona with friends from Univision.Rich found a newer, larger RV (a 36-foot Winnebago Journey – with two slide-outs) on e-Bay and, perhaps still feeling the afterglow of the movie, we decided to extend our vacation and drive to Mesa, Arizona to “just look.” Long story short, two weeks later we left our “old” 30-foot Safari Sahara in Mesa to be sold on e-Bay, and drove home wondering what ever got into us!

As I sit in the Palm Springs sunshine in the new RV, communicating with the world via the huge DataStorm dish on the roof only about a year later, I can’t help but be amazed at the changes that took place in 2008.So, my first reason for starting this blog is to be able to document, in a linear fashion, both our “physical meanderings” as we travel from place to place . . . and also my own “mental meanderings” which are anything but linear!

Second reason for starting the blog:

As a teacher and as a learner, I know that the only way to really learn something is to simply jump in with both feet and “JUST DO IT!” (as the Nike folks would say.) I have felt for over 20 years that the “World of Technology” was a train that was moving so fast that I could never catch up.Now with 20/20 hindsight I know that I was right.I will never “catch up,” so I will just have to close my eyes and jump on the train – taking whatever bumps and bruises may be the result!

So here goes!  Since I’ve learned how to use the “Delete this Post” button, I feel safe enough to “Publish this Post.” So I will. However, I still don’t know what happens when someone out there beyond cyberspace clicks on the “Comment” button . . . so that will have to be up to you!

Hop on . . . and let’s enjoy the ride!


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  1. That is so true, Patricia! What’s really fun for me as I’m learning to blog is that the kids definitely know more than I do. They are making it easy for me to just “play around” with these sites!

    My other site is something that I’m doing with three students at the alternative high school here in Brookings. They are reading “The Call of the Wild” – and I’m experimenting with running a Literature Circle on-line. Since I didn’t know what I was doing when I started it . . . it’s just called “bette.edublogs.org. I love how I can make a mistake and then just DELETE it and start over! 🙂

    My next “what if” has to do with what happens if I try to put a picture on a post. When we were on the North Rim of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison last September, Richard took a picture of me when I was lying on the edge looking into the chasm. That’s a bit how I feel with all this new technology . . . and every day there seems to be more.

    I’ll try to post again this weekend and write more about that wonderful trip!


  2. I have learned over the years to be a teacher, you have to be a learner. I learn as much or more from my students as they do from me. I love to engage them in discussions and “what if’s”. Young minds are so great! Listening to them talk, dream, plan and build is an experience unlike no other. The beauty begins to fade when the powers that be want to put them all into a standardized box, when they steal the wonder and magic of learning from their young minds, and all the brighness begins to fade. My heart aches and my eyes fill with tears at what our great county is loosing through that standaridized box.


    • Hey Patricia! Are you still here? I think Bill Spady might still be in touch with you so I’ll check with him if you don’t get a notification of this post …. 🙂

  3. Thanks for posting, Debbie! Now that we’re home I’m going to post another entry soon . . . but right now I’m just figuring out what happens when someone comments!

    I received a notification that a comment had been posted and I had to approve it in order for it to go on the blog. I did that and it worked. NOW I wonder if you will be notified that I’m replying to your comment. . .

    Let me know . . . If I don’t get another notification from Edublogs pretty soon I’ll email you. I also have the option of UNAPPROVING a post . . . so I can get rid of all of this chatter when I want to.

    Pretty cool! 🙂


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