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Where to from here…. ?

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If the story of the United States of America were a novel, today would mark the end of Part One.  Together as a nation we will begin writing Part Two tomorrow. I’ve been up since early this morning writing because that’s what I do when I need to process my own thoughts.  I needed to… Continue reading

How do you teach appreciation?

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I’m sitting here this morning, cozy and warm, listening to a storm raging outside. Richard just mentioned something one of his Facebook friends posted, and once again my mind started meandering. So I decided to stop and see where it might lead … Here’s what his friend wrote:  “If you want the kids’ test scores… Continue reading

Learning from Jennifer . . . April 2003

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As I continued my little excursion down memory lane this morning, I found the essay I submitted for the September 2003 edition of Ed Leadership. The theme of that issue was to be “Relationships,” and although I changed her name, I remembered how much a whole class of 4th and 5th graders – not to… Continue reading

Three Laws of Magic for Writers

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I’m meeting with a few writer friends to listen to the SoundsTrue interview with Julia Cameron and Natalie Goldberg called The Writing Life. I’ve listened to this CD many times before, but yesterday I heard something that I have missed in the past. The question was about writers who lack confidence in their writing.  It… Continue reading

Reorganizing – A Simpler Way

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I’ve been back in Brookings for a week and finally feel settled enough to get back to these blogs.  As I was moving books from one shelf to another and filling a couple of boxes to donate to the library, a book that I’ve had for many years caught my eye. It’s called A Simpler Way… Continue reading

Meanderings … and the Common Core Writing Standards

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  Writing for me is a process, an internal conversation – a way to process my thoughts. I started this blog in 2009 for two reasons. One was to capture some of those random thoughts, and the other was to learn about “web logs” … or as I found out they were called: blogs.  Edublogs… Continue reading

Overcoming Writer’s Block: It’s Just Not that Hard

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When I’m working with a student who is experiencing “writer’s block,” my advice is to just start writing.  Period.  Put the pencil on the paper and just start pushing it across the line.  If nothing else, just begin – “I don’t know what to write . . . I don’t know what to write .… Continue reading

Building Vocabulary Naturally

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I’ve been attending meetings of a local writers’ group.   The idea of meeting with people who consider themselves writers felt a little intimidating to me at first.  But now that I’ve attended two meetings,  I have realized how much fun it is talking to people who write simply because they love to write.  Writing is… Continue reading