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I always think that an idea has to be profound and perfectly formed before I put it “out there.”   As a result, my last post was 5 months ago and I just deleted 10 drafts that I never felt were “profound” or “perfect” enough to actually put “out there” … (meaning here). 

Last week Richard and I pulled into “our” parking lot in Orick, California – across the street from the Palm Cafe where we usually stop on the way back to Brookings for their wonderful homemade chili and pie.  I had a weird sort of déjà vu feeling when I looked up and saw that we were already there.  Parked where we usually park was a Winnebago Journey and a Honda CR-V – same size, same colors as our rig – but, of course, it wasn’t us.  The windows were covered and since the only place to park was right in front of them, I went around to the door, knocked quietly, and was answered by Rhonda Fleming.

Not that Rhonda Fleming … but a woman, photographer, and blogger who has sparked so many ideas in me that when she arrived in Brookings yesterday and met us for lunch, we spent 5 hours sharing our stories and wondering why life hasn’t brought us together before this!

The “why” of course, in this case doesn’t matter … but what does is that we have a lot more to learn from each other.  I just subscribed to her blog … and feel much better about mine because she hasn’t posted since long before my last post!  She does, however, know how to use WordPress a lot better than I do … so that might be a place where we can start learning from one another.  The first thing I learned from her blog is what happens if I post a link to my blog in a comment.  It comes out underlined and in blue – and is a link directly to another page – which in this case was to my blog post about my tour of Facebook in December 2016.

Well … I woke up at 3 AM with this particular idea in my head and knew it would be lost if I went back to sleep.  So now I can save this as another draft, or I can just post something not at all profound – and far from perfectly formed – knowing that, like when I started in 2009 I can always go back and edit or delete any time I want.


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  1. When I was young, I thought being a perfectionist was an a good attribute. However the more I experience I’ve had in dealing with life as it really is, I realize that there is no such thing as perfection. So why is it so difficult to accept that and understand that good enough is fine. In my case it’s because good enough clanks of mediocrity. So where does that leave us? If perfection is unattainable, and good enough feels like mediocre, that puts us in a stalemate, or in the frozen state of non-productivity. (Or in the state of perpetual editing…) 😱

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