Learning from Jennifer . . . April 2003

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As I continued my little excursion down memory lane this morning, I found the essay I submitted for the September 2003 edition of Ed Leadership. The theme of that issue was to be “Relationships,” and although I changed her name, I remembered how much a whole class of 4th and 5th graders – not to mention their teacher –  learned about relating to kids like Jennifer.

Learning from Jennifer

In the same file I ran across another letter from Anne Meek that included a great deal of valuable advice that I can use as I move forward with Learning to Write / Writing to Learn. I’m glad I also still have the draft I sent her because much of the material that was deleted can be used when I write about Class Meetings and Projects Teams in Chapter 2  of Growing Leaders.

Anne’s Comments

Not only that … I also found the rather wordy cover letter that I sent to Marge Sherer.  I had heard Marge speak on the topic “Writing for Ed. Leadership” at the AASA Convention in San Francisco in 1999 – a year after I met Anne. The answer I received told me that “Learning from Jennifer” would not be used in their September issue – but that they would keep “Are You Listening” on file for possible use later.

Cover Letter


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