Building Vocabulary Naturally

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I’ve been attending meetings of a local writers’ group.   The idea of meeting with people who consider themselves writers felt a little intimidating to me at first.  But now that I’ve attended two meetings,  I have realized how much fun it is talking to people who write simply because they love to write.  Writing is fun.  Words are fun.  And it’s really fun to get together with people who think like that.


Last week the facilitator of the group sent out an idea for the next meeting.  She suggested that we each bring a list of our favorite words   . . .  or words we’d like to use in our writing.  Before I finished reading her message, I knew it was time to tell the story about when I realized that my own vocabulary was lacking and decided to do something about it.


Here’s my story:    NATURAL LEARNING: Vocabulary A, B, and C



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